Take annotations with ease

Organize copywriting ideas, take notes for class, create lists of bookmarks and text, and much more.

Start taking notes

Organize copywriting ideas

Save text snippets from various sources, access them anytime. Make sure you don't lose that brilliant line ever again

Organize copywriting ideas

Take notes for classes

Save text snippets off online PDFs and webpages. Organize them by folders and highlight colors.

Take notes for classes

Save text snippets from various sources, access them anytime.

Save text from emails, competitor's websites, forums and organize them into easily readible list of user feedback. Organize them into folders and easily access them for later.

Save text snippets from various sources, access them anytime.
UnderlineMe Dashboard
UnderlineMe's Dashboard

Organize thousands of notes.

Calender filter

Organize efficiently with the Calender filter. Browse notes from a specific day or a date range.

Customizable Dashboard

Make it your own. Change backgrounds. Toggle background modes. Themes are coming soon.

View by Reading or Grid view

Browse your annotations, your way. Choose the Reading view for a better viewing option or choose the Grid view to see everything side-by-side.

See what people are saying

“Part of my job is researching and gathering data. Underlineme’s simplicity is a powerful addition to my toolbox.”

Rosie Sherry - Founder @ ministryoftesting.com

“I really appreciate the fact that when I highlight some text, it is directly saved in my browser”

Michael Andreuzza - colorsandfonts.com

“UnderlineMe makes my workflow easier. I’ve been maintaining my notes, bookmarks separately. Now it makes a lot easier maintaining everything in one place and searchable.”

Abinaya - Founder @ remoteleaf.com


  • Add comments on annotations
  • Take annotations on online PDFs
  • Save bookmarks and add comments on them
  • Bulk edit your notes. The dashboard is purpose built to view and edit 100s of notes at the same time
  • Supports organization by folders and various highlight colors(known as buckets)

How does it work?

UnderlineMe works best by installing the Chrome extension. When installed, a popup will show up whenever you highlight text.

UnderlineMe is still in early adopter phase. We are adding more features by the day. See our changelog for recent updates. You can also follow us on Twitter for product updates.


Free plan

$0 per month

  • Take text annotations
  • Take online PDF annotations
  • Take bookmark annotations
  • Create unlimited folders
  • Automatic sync between extension & dashboard
  • Save upto a maximum of 50 annotations

Pro plan

$2.99 per month

Early bird pricing. Lock in low price now!

  • All features in the free plan +
  • Priority support
  • Take unlimited annotations

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How to install the UnderlineMe extension?

Head over to the Chrome Webstore and install UnderlineMe. Login with your UnderlineMe account or signup for a new account from the Dashboard.

How do I access my notes?

Right click on the extension icon and click on 'All Notes'. This will take you to your Dashboard from where you can browse your notes.

Does it support sync between browsers

Yes it does.
For instance, if you're on your work laptop and take some annotations - then head home and open up your personal laptop, your annotations will be there. Sync is now fully supported. You can now annotate notes via different devices and they will be kept in sync.
The dashboard is also kept in sync so whenever you edit your notes, the dashboard will update automatically.

How to take annotations on PDFs?

Open any PDF file hosted online. Example. Now click on the UnderlineMe extension icon and a new pdf viewer will open. You can start annotating text from here.

The reason why we can't have the annotation popup running on the browser's PDF viewer is because extensions can't run on that page. You'll notice the same issue with other similar extensions.

Can I do drawings on pages?

No that's not supported. Kami extension is a decent alternative if you want drawing support.